Winter’s Abandon

As I have mentioned before, I love the abandoned and long forgotten as well as some modern structures that have character. Some are challenging to get to and require hiking or skiing and others are along the roadside. This winter, I have set out to capture these gems during the winter.

Call me crazy, but winter is my favorite time of year. I love how the winterscape simplifies the scene and makes the abandoned appear so beautiful while at the same time depicts the bleakness and the harsh conditions that our ancestors endured during the long winter days. The nearest neighbor was miles away and I can only imagine how lonely that must have been and how hard it was to survive without the modern conveniences of indoor plumbing, vehicles and electricity.

Enjoy Colorado’s abandoned!

Gustan Mine Red Mt 2016_signature

Winter Comes Softly

WEB Three Tipi's_DSC5935-Edit

Three Tipi’s

Sleeping Indian Barn_signature_DS18606

Sleeping Indian Barn

Snowy True Grit House_DSC6839_WEB

True Grit

CR 24 Red Barn_DSC0166_WEB

Little Red Barn

Bunkhouse Winter_4_NIK0814_WEB

The Bunkhouse

Winter's Abandon

Last Light

Red Mt Cabin_DSC7866_WEB

Cabin Among the Hills

Yankee Girl Mine Winter_DS18313_WEB

Yankee Girl

WEB Red Kayak Cabin Winter_DSC6020-6025.jpg

Red Kayak

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