Bald Skies


I love clouds! I feel that clouds add so much drama and interest to an image. When I go out shooting pictures, I always look to the sky to see if and what type of clouds are on display. I am so disappointed when the sky look promising and when I get to my chosen spot to photograph the clouds have skittered away. So frustrating!

A bald sky adds it own sense of charm when composed nicely. I find that it “cleans” up the image so that the subject is distinct and simple. In the following images, I think clouds may have muddied up the scene. Of course, it all depends on the mood you are trying to capture and clouds certainly do that. However, the lack thereof can be a unique perspective. On this morning, I was really hoping for clouds but they were not to be found that early morning. Instead of bemoaning the lack of clouds and bald sky, I decided to embrace the possibilities. I really love the images I captured and my disappointment with a bald sky skittered away!

Mt Wilson III_NIK1402_WEB

First Blush


Lizard Head_NIK1423_WEB


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