Sled Dog Races

I don’t photograph sporting events as a rule, however, there is one event that I love to photograph. The sled dog races in the mountains. There is something so special about the human and dog interaction that is so amazing. These dogs are so loved by their humans and they in return love their humans and the sport passionately.

Before the race, the dogs are so excited to get out and run that it takes a team of people to help hold back the dogs at the starting line, if they didn’t hold them back, they would shoot out before the clock had started.

There are many events at the sled dog races,  6 dog sled for 6 miles, the 4 dog sled for 4 miles and similar variations regarding number of dogs and distance. Skiijoring is also in the lineup.  Skijoring is where the dog(s) pull a person who is skiing. How fun is that? I would like to try that one day but I need to work on my balance and skiing ability! I would probably spend more time in the snow than racing on top of it!

These are a few of my favorites taken from several sled dog races on the Western Slope of Colorado.


Doggies in Truck_NIK1003_WEB






Starting Line_NIK1026_WEB

Grand Mesa Starting Line





Girl with Sled Dogs_DSC8483_ME_WEB



AM Bruce Harper and Taydem_WEB

Passing Lane


aaron natoniewski_nik1091_web

In Sync


sled dogs_web



brad kassing_ds19495_web



lynn whipple_web



laurie brandt 02_web



skijor #5_nik1210_web



laurie brandt_nik1191_web

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