The Fall Collection: Canyons

In addition to photographing the mountains during our short fall color season, I did some exploring in the canyons near my home. I traveled to the Black Canyon, Dominguez Canyon and Escalante Canyon and was so surprised to see the variety of colors and diversity of plants in those areas.

Dominguez Canyon is so beautiful. I think that was my favorite place to shoot so far this year because I was so surprised by all the colors and the lighting. I have been to Dominguez in the spring but never in the fall. It truly matters what time of day you go as the canyon is so narrow and the shadows so deep. This is a “hike in” only where you walk over a mile along the railroad tracks just to get to the beginning of the trail.  I could have stayed forever in the canyon, however, since I arrived late in the day, the light was falling fast so I only had about two hours to explore and shoot. I was so thankful I had my headlamp along as the walk back to my car was in darkness!

Escalante Canyon is very pretty as well and accessible by car or 4×4. Most of the property in private along the road so it is hard to get close to the river that winds it’s way through the canyon. Once it turns to public land, you can explore, however, it is limited but I was able to score some nice images here as well.

The Black Canyon is near and dear to me – see my previous post dedicated to it. The colors change early on in the season before they start changing in the mountains. I was lucky to get up there before all the color was gone!


Which image calls to you?



Painted Wall Sunstar_DSC3989_WEB



Painted Wall Sunset_DSC4020_WEB



Cottonwood Reflection Dominguez II_DSC7889_WEB

Canyon View


Cottonwoods Trees Dominguez Trail _DSC7855_WEB

Happy Trail


Dominguez Canyon Creek_DSC7958_WEB

Little Dominguez Delight


Leaves on Water FINAL_DSC8534_WEB

Moving On


Escalante Cottonwood River_DSC8289_WEB

Escalante River Gold


Cottonwood Canopy_DSC8307-Edit_WEB

Golden Canopy


Big Horn Sheep_DS19378_WEB

Big Horn Sheep


Cottonwood Road Escalante_DSC8379_WEB

Passing Through



Golden Cottonwood Dominguez_DSC7981_WEB

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