The Fall Collection: Peaks

Mountains are so magical, inspiring and majestic, even formidable (when hiking or climbing!).  Capturing them at different times of day, lighting, and weather was so much fun, especially in the fall with the changing colors and snow on the peaks.

The image, “Rolling In” is a bit unique. A snow storm was rolling in from the east and in the west, the sky was on fire with a spectacular sunset. The gap light from behind me lit the trees with a special glow. It was truly amazing to witness and capture!

Which image are your drawn to?



Sneffels Range_DSC4246_WEB



Silver Jack Pinnacles_DSC5798-HDR_WEB

The Turrets



The Turrets_DSC5745_WEB

The Turrets II


Sneffels Range_DSC7317-ORIGINAL_WEB

Peaks of Sneffels Range


Last Dollar Gap Light_DSC7456_WEB

Rolling In


Dallas Divide II_EDIT_DSC6479_WEB

Morning Glow


Sneffels Sunset_DSC7794_WEB

Pretty in Pink


Misty Sneffels_DSC6341-HDR_WEB

The Pagoda


Sunrise on CR7_DSC7334_WEB




Gold Rising

Mt Sneffels Storm Approaching_DSC6307_WEB

Mt. Sneffels

Last Dollar_DSC7511_WEB

Last Dollar Sunset

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