Magic Blossoms

We have a small crab-apple tree in our landscaping and it is in full bloom, bright pink and fragrant. I have tried again and again to take pictures of the blossoms in the past but I have not been too happy with them. There was something lacking that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. So when I saw the tree in full bloom this morning, I decided to give it another try.

I wasn’t feeling too inspired to tell the truth. I couldn’t find the right angle, the right grouping, and the further the sun went up, too contrasty. I kept at it and all of a sudden magic happened, I was in the zone. I am so happy with these images, so beautiful. They are soft and romantic and just really pretty.

They were so pink I had to desaturate the magenta color in the blossoms!  I processed them in both color and black & white. I actually prefer the black & white images. Which do you prefer?


Blossom Trio_NIK1997_WEB


B&W Blossom Trio_NIK1997_WEB

Blossom Trio


Pink Blossom_NIK1993_WEB


B&W Blossom_NIK1993_WEB



Blossom Magic_NIK1985_WEB


B&W Blossom Magic_NIK1985_WEB

Blossom Magic


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