The Time Between

This time of year, between seasons is a bit bleak. The autumn leaves have fallen and the landscape is ready for the winter snow. For me, this is the time to clean my gear, catch up on photo editing and photo projects and to photograph different things. It also allows me to relax a little and plan my winter photo strategy.

So, without further ado, please enjoy some of my fall images. May they add a little color to your day!

Gold Crossing II

Resplendent View

Criss Cross Aspens

Morning Glow

Cimarron Delight

Rocky Aspens

A Little Spice

22 thoughts on “The Time Between

  1. Nice pics. I personally like the last, more impressionistic view. Fall is a special time of year, and capturing sweet pics is always gratifying. But taking it one more step imbues another dimension in my humble opinion. Have a great holiday season. jerry

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  2. Angela, your photography is mind-blowing!! Just absolutely special and gorgeous. Unlike others I cannot pick out a favorite. Each one is unique. I love how you composite your images. Truly gifted!!


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