The Mighty Gunnison

The last breath of winter brought forth the great pandamic of our century halting my mountain scene wanderings. At first I was quite disappointed and frustrated as we all were given the circumstances. Fortunately, my husband and I both were able to continue to work through all this and our son is finishing his junior year of high school – online. (the jury is out regarding online schooling-but that is for another day!)

What to do during quarantine? Well, it hasn’t been too bad or disruptive to my lifestyle. I am a bit of a loner so this has been tolerable. We miss going out for dinner and to the movie theater and the brew pubs and meeting up with friends though. But we are spending more time as a family going on hikes or fishing together in areas where we don’t run into others. I have been exploring the area close to my home more which has yielded some fantastic opportunities!

For the last 4 Saturdays I have been going to the Morrow Point Dam on the Gunnison River. While I hike around the mile long trail, my husband spends his time fishing along the river. He has caught some nice Rainbow Trout, but he releases them back to the water. Along the hiking trail there are great views of the river as it flows through the Black Canyon of the Gunnison, a small but wonderful waterfall and the dam. I call it the mini Hoover. It is spectacular when the gates are open and they release the water from the Blue Mesa Reservoir. However, they are not releasing any water yet this year.

I hope you enjoy the images that I captured. You can see the difference one week can make in the images of the waterfall flow. The first image was taken the prior week and this past week the waterfall was flowing significantly more. Enjoy!

Brook Fishing Morrow Point_DSC2194_WEB

Brook, my husband, flyfishing where the Squaw Ceek and the Gunnison River Converge


Morrow Point Fishing_DSC2029_WEB

Flyfishing the Mighty Gunney


Morrow Point Fishing IV_DSC2031_WEB

Flyfishing the Mighty Gunney II


Morrow Point Triple Waterfall_DSC2613_WEB

Mesa Creek Waterfall

Morrow Point Waterfall III_DSC2099_WEB

Hidden Falls


Morrow Point Waterfall II_DSC2064_WEB

Twin Falls


Morrow Point Waterfall_DSC2073_WEB

Bridal Veil


Morrow Point Fishing V_DSC2622_WEB

On the Point


Morrow Point Triple Waterfall IV _DSC3537-2_WEB

Mesa Creek Falls II


Morrow Point Triple Waterfall PANO_DSC3510-Pano_WEB(1)

Mesa Creek Falls III Pano

10 thoughts on “The Mighty Gunnison

  1. Beautiful images! I haven’t been back to that area in several years and your post serves as a reminder that I really should revisit. Ah, so many places, such little time!


    • Thanks for visiting and kind words! If you do make it to this neck of the woods give me a shout! It is hard to get to all the places one wants to go, that’s for sure. My list gets longer every day!

      Liked by 1 person

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