Black & White Drama

Standing at 14,158 feet, Mt. Sneffels is the highest peak of the Sneffels Range. It is located in the Mt. Sneffels Wilderness of the Uncompaghre National Forest in Colorado near Ridgway, CO.

I have photographed this mountain and surrounding peaks many times but this image is probably by far the most dramatic. I went out towards sunset, intending to work on some different techniques. The clouds that day were amazing, drifting swiftly through the sky and I was so hopeful for a good sunset. After I had set up my tripod and got everything ready to shoot, I was enjoying the quiet – all alone. At this time of year there are not many photographers out shooting in the location I was at. In the fall the area is heavily populated by photographers galore!

The scene was calling to me, I knew that this would look amazing as a black & white photo. The clouds and side light add so much drama to this image. I really wanted to do the scene justice and convey the true feeling of the scene.

This was my last capture of the day – and my favorite! As the sun began its descent, it dipped below a cloud bank and the anticipated light show never materialized. While I was really disappointed about that, I think I hit it out of the park with this image.

B&W Mt Sneffels Peak_NIK1937_WEB.jpg

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