The Fall Collection: Aspens

The mountains of Colorado are alive with glorious aspens and evergreens. The aspens spread their golden glory throughout the hills, hinting at what was inside and coveted by many in the rich mountains. Today, color peepers travel to the San Juan’s from all over in search of gold, not the nuggets of fame and fortune of the past, but to witness the wonder of these amazing trees with golden leaves and beautiful white trunks.

In times of drought, such as we have experienced this year, the aspens yield a stunning display of gold, orange, red, and yellow. This post is a tribute to the wonder and diverse nature of these beautiful trees.

“Shimmering Aspens” is my favorite in this series. Which is yours?


Long View Aspens_DSC6950_WEB

Hillside Sentinels 


Golden Aspens_DSC5151_WEB

Million Dollar Gold


Gold Aspens_DSC6805_WEB

Last Dollar Dream


Evergreen with Aspens_HORIZONTAL_DSC7120_WEB

Shimmering Aspens


Flaming Aspens_DSC7159_WEB



Orange Aspen_DSC7063_WEB

Alone in the Crowd


Clear Lake Reflections_DSC7105_WEB


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