Photo Study

My friend and I spent a weekend traveling back roads in search of abandoned homes and or barns when we came upon this barn in the middle of the day. Since the lighting was harsh we decided to try photographing it at a different time.

The next morning as we were driving by, the light was perfect! We quickly set up our tripods and positioned ourselves to capture the log barn before the light changed. It was a challenging spot to shoot as the highway was to the right of the cabin – which meant timing our shots so as not to get vehicles in the scene. On the left was a single wide trailer house and behind the cabin – objectionable telephone poles. I managed to position myself so as not to include the trailer house, but decided to embrace the telephone poles. I feel the image incorporates the old with the more modern times. I then moved in closer for some more intimate shots.

Trying different vantage points is very adventagious. Sometimes I like several of the images in the series and sometimes I come away with only one image that stands out or is unique enough. Sometimes…. not so much! That is the process of photography; to try and capture what you see, feel or hear into an image that conveys those emotions.

“Morning Light I”
Copyright: Angela Moyer

“Morning Light II”
Copyright: Angela Moyer

“Morning Light III”
Copyright: Angela Moyer

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